Downtown New Philadelphia

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We are so accustomed to going online to shop or look for things that we forget about the resources in our own community. Downtowns were once the hub for the entire community. We lost that thought process when shopping malls and strip malls became the trend. When was the last time you needed something and thought to yourself, “I’ll run downtown and pick that up?” It may have been awhile, or it may have been never. It’s time to change that mentality. Downtown New Philadelphia has over 30 shops, stops, and restaurants. Let’s take a moment to explore, shall we…


The most common reason people head downtown is to eat, drink and socialize. Sometimes we forget just how many independently owned restaurants we actually have downtown. We have eight restaurants in the downtown vicinity. These businesses stand on our community’s support. How many have you tried?

  • Daily Grind Cafe

  • Mustards at the Wine Rack

  • Brewhouse

  • JNG

  • Gavins

  • Michaels

  • Craft Bistro

  • What’s Cooking Cafe


When you think of downtown, do you think about all the shopping we have available? Downtown New Philadelphia has shopping to cover many of your shopping needs. We have a store that specializes in olive oil and vinegar, OV Harvest. We have an independently owned book store that is expansive. Also, we have an upscale men’s clothing store, a gift shop, a consignment clothing store for women, teens, and kids, a nutrition store, and so many more. What’s your favorite store to stop and shop?

  • OV Harvest

  • Gift Market

  • Inspirations

  • Cinsi

  • Charmed

  • Dayspring Christian Bookstore 

  • Nutrition Corner

  • Around the Corner Frames

  • Crete’s Clothing

  • Miller’s clothing

  • Books N Things

  • Herbal life Shakes


One of the coolest things about our downtown is the vibrant art scene. We have so many talented artists in Tuscarawas County. Right on the square, we have an art gallery- Loves Gallery who frequently has fun, public events. We also have a new space called “Alley Cats Marketplace.” Located in this business, you will find dozens of various vendors selling their handmade and hand crafted products. You will find just about anything you can think of inside Alley Cats from pottery to coffee to wood work and everything in between—check it out. Another cool feature of downtown New Philadelphia are the giant wall murals located on Ashwood lane. These murals were created by local artists with the help of clients from Starlight Enterprises, who also have an East High Ave storefront filled with art, crafts, soaps and other products to buy to support their mission of helping those with developmental and other disabilities. In front of the murals sits the Ezekiel Project. The Ezekiel Project, home to 10 Hands Art Collaborative. The shop has cool vibes that invites a nice place to shop and see locally produced art. They also house different musicians throughout the year. These stops are all worth the visit.

  • Alley Cats

  • Broadway Tattoo

  • Loves Gallery

  • Ezekiel Project

  • Rove Creative

  • 10 Hands Gallery

Movies, Music, and More

We have many places downtown that don’t fit the exact mold of a certain category. These places are unique and at home in downtown New Philadelphia. Have you checked them out yet?

  • M. A. D. Bros. Games & Hobbies

  • Off the Wall Music Store

  • McFeeders Olympic Tae Kwon Do Academy Martial Arts

  • Quaker Cinema

  • Tuscarawas County Public Library


Our downtown is continually adding new events to the calendar. Check out the New Philadelphia Business and Community Association to be up-to-date on what’s happening downtown. Be sure to attend Art on the Alley every May and October! Art on the Alley brings together dozens of artists from a multitude of mediums. Enjoy live music, food trucks, activities, and artists!

Please, take the time to check out our thriving downtown storefronts, restaurants, and everything else in between! Let us know which spots are your favorites!