About #livetusc Meet-Ups

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About #livetusc Meet-Ups

#livetusc strives to be a facilitator of information for youthful adults. We listen to the needs of the millennial community, and we use our connections to help create that cross-over people are seeking. Our first meet-up involved us meeting local business owners who are also very involved with our community. We met with George Laurence from Museum Acrylics and Rick Arredondo from the Ezekiel Project. We had nearly 20 people show up to hear from these community members. It's inspiring hearing the stories of community doers. 

We also had a request from a number of people who wanted to learn more about financial and investment topics. We brought in Kiley Kendall from Edward Jones Investment to speak to our group during a lunchtime meet-up. We have so many great resources in the community; however, finding the information when you don't know where to look can be daunting. These meet-ups not only provide youthful community members with information their seeking, but in a comfortable setting with peers. 

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However, our meet-ups can also house a different purpose. We want to create a network and connection within the community. For one meet-up, we braved the 90 degree heat and went hiking on one of our eight trails in Tuscarawas County. We brought together like-minded individuals with diverse backgrounds who wanted to explore the Ohio & Erie Towpath trail. 

Another meet-up spurred from our group talking about wanting to hear from a local entrepreneur. We met up with Don Whittingham, owner of Aqua Blue, Inc. at the Tolloty Technology Incubator as part of our #livetusc Conversation Series. He shared his story, both failures and successes, and his journey on being an entrepreneur. We also learned about the importance of giving back to the community. The conversation series not only gives attendees a chance to gain valuable knowledge about a certain topic, but it provides an opportunity to make connections with people who care about the community. 

Our July conversation series centered on leadership. We met with Sarah Andreas who is currently working on her Ph.D. that focuses on behavioral leadership. In addition to leadership tips, she went around the table and asked a great question--  "Why are you involved with #livetusc?" Overwhelmingly, the majority answered that they enjoyed the connectivity of #livetusc.

Our meet-ups allow youthful adults to become more familiar with the resources our community has to offer. In order to want to work, play, and live here people need to be made aware of the great attributes in Tuscarawas County.  Another purpose of our meet-ups is to engage the young professionals in our community that are seeking something more, but are not sure where to find it. We want to help facilitate a connection and network millennials can utilize for social and professional reasons.  


Be sure to check out our events page to view upcoming meet-ups or on our Facebook page! We aim to have one to two meet-ups per month. At least one of these meet-ups usually occur on the last Tuesday of the month. If you have any questions or would like to reach out to us about meet-up ideas, please contact us through our website or on Facebook